Be safe Fresno, you are in our thoughts and prayers.  Here is information from the website with a total of (6) pages, click next (bottom left) to open the next page.  Please share with those who may find this helpful and visit the for more detail information.

“In order to clarify any confusion over this order, the City of Fresno is merely CALLING FOR residents to shelter in place. We are not ordering them to stay in place.  We are asking them to comply voluntarily for the benefit of their health and the health of everyone in the community.  It is not MANDATORY.  It is not a SHUT DOWN.  We are simply calling on our residents to shelter in place for the benefit of everyone in the community.”


A break down of businesses operations currently in effect. (3) pagesBusinesses-Open-or-Closed-031920-11am

City of Fresno Coronavirus Response FlyerFresnoCityHall_CaronaVirus_1Sheet_Print

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